Bath Toys

Splish splash I was taking a bath! Bath time, as every parent knows, is one of the best times of the day. It is also, one of the few times in your day to really connect and play with your child. That is why bath toys are an essential part of that play. Bath toys make bath time fun, they also, keep your child engaged so that you can make sure they are clean and happy. We here at Gowow Toys, we have a super selection, of the best bath toys in Canada. All you have to do is shop through our bath toy category and let us do all the work. Our team selects the safest and finest bath toys our manufacturers have to offer. Take for instance , our Alex Toy, Rub A Dub, Fountain Float bath toy. This is one great bath toy for children. This terrific, cute bath boat is perfect to keep the little ones happy and engaged, during bath time. They wont want to leave! With one touch , it spins and sprays water, just the kind of action your child will love to use over and over again. Made with very high quality and safe materials, this is one bath toy that will last forever. Another bath toy that is sure to please the little girl in your life, is the Alex, Pretty in the Tub bath toy. This bath toy for children, is sure to transform any dull bath time into an exciting experience and will definitely make your special girl, feel pretty and happy at bath time. This bath toy comes with a floating vanity, comb, squirters and a child friendly mirror. Just the kind of things that engages her imagination. She will love it when you tell her it's bath time and you will love it because it makes bath time fun and easy. Remember, if you are looking for high quality, hard to find bath toys in Canada, look no further than It's an easy click away.